Monday 29 October 2007

A.F 9

This is why FOLDED-IN, an online multi-user platform that combines videogame basic elements with the possibility of a constant data flow, addresses the creation of an online community that will not only be part of the game but will create the networking that conveys the world in our absence in its multiplicity. This generates a specific impulse towards the border line that moves towards the conceptual space of perception, like a substantial part of the conditions that form the recognition of reality where this manifests a progressive approach to a critical engagement within a creative practice.

The key to understanding this question in this orientation is related to the Deleuzian concept: “yet-to-come” (virtuality) belongs to ‘being-in-the-world’.

1 Hegel’s widely known articulation “there is no state in Europe” (Es gibt keinen Staat in Europa)


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