Sunday, 11 November 2007

On 07/11/2007, servet kocyigit wrote:

Thanks for your kind invitation.
Sorry i am bit lost, I didn't understand very well about your project
may be i missed the previous informations.
could you please send me some more info. for instance how you are
planning to use the videos?, is it an on line project? Are the videos
has to have game nature. When you want to have and which format etc...

Best Regards


Blogger folded-in said...

There will be two different ''types'' of videos inside the gamespace.
The ''found videos'' that people have uploaded to Youtube and form what is called the ''Youtube wars'', like Greeks vs Turkish, Chinese s vs Taiwan s , Indians vs Pakistani and so on.
These videos as gameplay elements will be used by the players/users of Folded in to trace and map the ground inside the 3D space. In other words they will be used as competition tracing but also as mapping elements.(more about the difference between map and trace in a post to be uploaded soon)
Every player after having seen the video he will be asked to rate it according to specific parameters that we will announce soon as well. (There are some hints about these parameters in previous posts)

Artists' videos will be used as elements that define the gameplay. Thus to say, these videos will be ammunition packages serving either as extra missiles for the pilots/ players or extra stamina for the warcrafts. The choices are up to the players.

Yes Folded-in is designed as a multiuser online project, but it will be possible to be played as a single user game as well.

It would be great if artists consider the game like structure of the project and adjust their videos so to have game nature.
However, this is a subjective matter that is up to every artist to decide. After all, this blog serves as a platform that provides the skeleton of ideas and images that are consider relevant to the development of the project. And its purpose is to provide hints to all people engaged with the development.

It would be great if we could have the artists' contribution -that by the way could be more than one video - by the end of the year. We plan to launch the project on line but also ''physically'' by the beginning of 2008 approximately.

Regarding the format of the video and the contribution process there are different options.

1: we can provide you with a free software tool that converts your video to.flv format (flash video) and then you can send it via e-mail
or upload it to a web site that we can use for that purpose.

2. We think of creating a web site with a tool so, to convert and upload directly your video.

3. You can send your video in cd rom as .avi or .mov to an address that we can provide you.

There is no limitation of duration of your video. However, if you want you can upload your video to Youtube as well and just give us the link.

11 November 2007 at 16:59  
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