Friday 10 October 2008

Stocks tumble again

The crisis in global financial markets hits SecondLife.
Priests wander in vein around Sims asking for support and donations for homeless avatars.

A reportage ''in world''.

-- Instant message logging enabled --

[12:56] cogito Goode: good evening my child
[12:56] Constantine Rutkowski: good evening sir
[12:56] cogito Goode: how are you today?
[12:56] Constantine Rutkowski: yes I’m fine thank you and you ?
[12:57] cogito Goode: I am fine thanks GOD but I am very sad with all these things that are happening nowadays
[12:57] Constantine Rutkowski why sir ...what things do you mean?
[12:58] cogito Goode: oh my child with all this global economic crisis SL was influenced as well
[12:59] cogito Goode: and many, many avatars are feeling desperate
[12:59] cogito Goode: a lot of them are now homeless and they can not maintain their families matters no more
[13:00] Constantine Rutkowski this is very sad news indeed!
[13:00] cogito Goode: if this phenomenon expands further I am afraid that the worst things will happen to our favourite world
[13:01] Constantine Rutkowski: like what?
[13:01] cogito Goode: Sims will broke down , collapse and our favourite orgy places will disappear
[13:01] cogito Goode: login will be impossible and avatars will die in the middle of teleports
[13:02] cogito Goode: it could be the end of the world my dear child
[13:03] Constantine Rutkowski this is terrible!
[13:03] cogito Goode: don’t you think that we should do something about that
[13:03] cogito Goode: ?
[13:03] Constantine Rutkowski but what can we do?

[13:04] cogito Goode: of course we can pray altogether.. at least the avatars that have faith but I am afraid this is not enough

[13:05] Constantine Rutkowski: ?

[13:05] cogito Goode: I think we should start collecting money to help the poor avatars that are living at the streets helpless

[13:06] Constantine Rutkowski: really?

[13:06] cogito Goode: don’t you think so my child?

[13:07] Constantine Rutkowski: NO

[13:07] cogito Goode: why no my child?

[13:08] cogito Goode: I am collecting linden dollars for this aim

[13:09] Constantine Rutkowski: I bet u are

[13:09] cogito Goode: do you want to contribute some lindens my dear child?

[13:10] Constantine Rutkowski: no

[13:10] cogito Goode: you do not feel any pity for the less fortunate avatars of SL my dear child?

[13:10] Constantine Rutkowski: no

[13:11] cogito Goode: I am afraid that although your face is Angelique your heart is hard as the steal my beautiful child

[13:12] Constantine Rutkowski: and I think your just getting $ for yourself ..Sir

[13:13] cogito Goode: I can promise you my child that I distribute all the offers and donations to my poor

[13:13] cogito Goode: you must have faith

[13:14] Constantine Rutkowski: I don’t think so

[13:14] cogito Goode: don’t you have any few lindens to donate?

[13:14] Constantine Rutkowski: no
[13:15] cogito Goode: then you should find some
[13:15] Constantine Rutkowski: I think you should try someone else for $
[13:15] cogito Goode: you could sell your beautiful and sexy body and gain some
[13:16] Constantine Rutkowski: yes ..but why should I
[13:16] cogito Goode: because this act could clean and purify all your sins
[13:17] Constantine Rutkowski: how?
[13:18] cogito Goode: by giving a part of the money that you can get after selling your body, to the poor, the ALL MIGHTY GOD will forgive you.
[13:19] Constantine Rutkowski: look please go away and try someone else
[13:20] cogito Goode: you are not afraid of GOD my child?
[13:20] Constantine Rutkowski: please leave me alone !
[13:21] cogito Goode: I will leave you my child but GOD will keep an eye on you and on your ass from now on

[13:21] Constantine Rutkowski: whatever
[13:22] cogito Goode: as you wish my dear avatar child


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