Thursday 29 November 2007

Origami models

Friday 23 November 2007

Thursday 22 November 2007

hybrid_over_view/ # one

Tuesday 20 November 2007

rating categories______1

on youtube videos rating _possible representation

Youtube videos inside the gamespace can provide the players with info regarding the previous ratings that other players have done before. These statistic data could be possibly be represented with the use of the Takraw ball parts.
As an example we get at the pic above four from the six categories.
So , according to the previous ratings at this video we have 35% politics (red), 20% gender (blue), 25% orange (aesthetics) 20% green (culture). The whole picture will be completed by means of opacity changes.

Saturday 17 November 2007

Every art develops from an impure form, and the progressive purification of this impurity shapes the history both of a particular artistic truth and of its exhaustion.


Certainly these pics do not represent how the cockpits of the warplanes will look like.
Cockpits will be designed according to the gameplay needs and they will be embodied with all necessary instruments , maps , radars and indicators of the game action.
Pilot/avatar appearance is not necessary.

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Reality TV and games

Brenton and Cohen: By signing their release forms, contestants agree to end up as statistics, each player's feelings and actions manipulated..leading to infidelity, tears, perhaps heartbreak.
The only original screen genre of the early 21st century is not called ''reality T.V'' for nothing. Sure reality T.V doesn't look like reality, but then neither does reality. Both look like games.
From Gamer theory.
What is Youtube reality then?

Monday 12 November 2007

Youtube me

just a test

Takraw ball

Yannis suggests that the model of a Thailand ball could be probably used as a node for the data flow stream that players will consult before rating the Youtube videos.

Sunday 11 November 2007

Some supplementary thoughts and info on the project

The Folded in online video game is a project about the notion of borders.

And borders could be seen as ''the rank and score'' of the competitions that take place inside a gamespace. At the first place, the Folded-in competition is happening in Youtube. Youtube is already a gamespace but a hidden one. Hidden because although it is a cazino and a gambling space it presents itself as a television and keeps the rules of the game for itself . This happens in the same way that in real life the global economy system presents itself as an ''open market'' but it is nothing more than a strictly controlled Las Vegas area.

Hidden because although it is a sports' arena that aims to define the limits of the human by offering a sense or image of wholeness, -as if that was a physical idea- neglects the fact that no honest personal, individual art or act, could repeat that sense or that idea.

(It would be like if the International Olympic Committee was announcing that every human on the planet can be a world champion and moreover organise Olympic games by itself).

It was said that it is better to do nothing than to contribute to the invention of formal ways of rendering visible that which Empire already recognizes as existent.

But the notion of the gamespace and the role of the game elements could possibly be repeated.

And that's why we are designing the Folded-in 3D online video game. To render visible what is doomed to be unexpected.

In the Folded-in online video game the users/players are taking the role of the pilot and are asked to demarcate and control their own territory. Precisely, they are asked to compete, to trace but also to map a territory and as the competition will grow to re-trace and to re-map again and again. Please note that tracing and mapping could be two completely different things.

G.Deleuze put it clearly enough by saying that: ''The map has to do with performance, whereas the tracing always involves an alleged ''competence''.

And please note as well, that the players compete one another all the time, but barely think of a possibility to compete against the gamespace which hosts and channels their competition itself.

What is the role of art and artists' work in that game?

What is the role of art in a usual commercial video game?

McKenzie Wark a propos of a very popular videogame the Grand Theft Auto (Vice City) says that: ''Art provides the images and stories for mediating between the gamer and gamespace.[..] Art is now in the service of the game.[..]

Art expands the reach of the game to imaginary games played in a purely digital realm, anywhere and everywhere, on every desktop and cellphone.''

The same description could go for Youtube. Youtube appears more and more as a huge art screening.

There is no need to analyse categories. Video art, animation art, painting, sculpture, cinema, everything goes. Youtube is a Vice City and Vice City's gamespace.

Since there is a certainty of its ability to control the entire domain of the visible and the audible via the laws which govern commercial circulation and democratic communication, the empire of Youtube (or Myspace or Facebook or..) no longer censors anything. Certainly, there are exceptions of censorship, that are mostly based on the hypocritical interpretation of what stands as ''mature content''.

But this is nothing else than a safety valve that guarantees the free data flow inside the system.

Prosumers, in other words the users of social spaces as Youtube, have the right to provide art, content and narratives in the ''arena''. Then, the arena assures the competition, which in its turn provides ''the rank and score'' that is the game.

But as Mark Lombardi says on this case: ''all art, and all thought, is ruined when we accept this permission to consume, to communicate and to enjoy''.

Folded-in project uses Youtube videos that refer to conflicts and wars; works, stories and narratives that have the potential for tracing and mapping; videos that want to reveal the rules that form the gamespace and at the same time to act in open and catalytic on the gameplay.

Through the tracing and mapping process there will be warplane dogfights and players might run out of ammunition or their warplanes can be damaged. This is where the videos made by artists come to play their role. Their video can work as counterbalance factors and therefore add stamina or missiles (depends on the player choise) to the warplane.

On 07/11/2007, servet kocyigit wrote:

Thanks for your kind invitation.
Sorry i am bit lost, I didn't understand very well about your project
may be i missed the previous informations.
could you please send me some more info. for instance how you are
planning to use the videos?, is it an on line project? Are the videos
has to have game nature. When you want to have and which format etc...

Best Regards

Friday 9 November 2007

3D space_air

Turkish Origami


In gamespace what do we have? An atopia, a placeless, senseless realm where quite a different maxim rules: ''From each according to their abilities-to each a rank and score.'' Needs no longer enter into it. Not even desire matters. Uncritical gamers do not win what they desire, they desire what they win. The score is the thing. The rest is agony.
Gamer theory, McKENZIE WARK, 2007

Thursday 8 November 2007

3D space_air

The 3D space (the air) above and below the terrain (the map) could be possibly a network like space, a space of 3D inspissations and rarifications that could serve to host the videos. Both types of videos (artists' and prosumers' videos) become game elements into the gamespace.
However, their role is clearly different.

A network

All graphics up to now used in this blog are drafts and not the final game graphics

mapping progress and tests_3

All videos float inside the 3D space. These of the ''Youtube war'' are serving ''as bombs'' to the players/pilots, in order to map the ground, while the artists' videos serve either as extra ammunition for the war planes or as extra stamina. The choice depends on the player. Warplanes can be engaged in dogfights and can shot down one another.

Puerilism and playfulness

Puerilism is to be distinguished from playfulness.

The club is a very ancient institution, but it is a disaster when whole nations turn into clubs, for these, besides promoting the precious qualities of friendship and loyalty, are also hotbeds of sectarianism, intolerance, suspicion, superciliousness and quick to defend any illusion that flatters self-love or group consciousness. We have seen great nations losing every shred of honour, all sense of humour, the very idea of decency and fair play.
Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens, a study of the play element in culture, 1950

A pattern

mapping progress and tests_2

Players/pilots after having seen and rated the ''Youtube war'' video (more info on rating rules soon) will be able to ''transport'' the video and use it as a bomb in order to map part of the ground, according to the variables of rating. The mapping will appear on the ground as different patterns (shapes) and colors.

Wednesday 7 November 2007

some tags that users are using to define their video at Youtube regarding the Greek -Turkish and the Chinese -Taiwan war

Each video that a user uploads to Youtube, contains some ''tags'' in other words signs, that the Youtube search engine uses in order to rate and present the video at the results of the research. From another point of view, these tags are a user's vocabulary that express the linguistic structures in which his contribution to the Youtube (the video) is part of.
Tags can be used as indicators for the artists of the project regarding the production of their video.

ATATURK PAOK PANATHINAIKOS OLYMPIAKOS AEK hellas Armenian Genocide Greek army Turkish Air Force Armenia Ermeni soykirimi Turkey usa Bush us american pkk rebels war kurds political commercial news documentary commentary analysis gotcha! grassroots outreach turk türk silahli silahlı kuvvetleri turkish army ordusu turks armed forces armenia armenian kurd kurdistan greek greece KKE panosfidis Greece Turkey communist communism Greek Turk Anatolia Venizelos
Kemal turk ve bagimsizlik turkish ata atatürk turkiye kurtuluş savaşı ulubey88 greek greece hellenic genelkurmay 1821 greek army Papaflessas hellas Greece Independence War Freedom turk turkish war ottoman turkish greek turkey greece türkiye türk turks peace war mustafa kemal atatürk raki rakı ouzo istanbul gay eu 1453 1821 Gay greek greece hellas hellenic war cyprus athens sex homosexual funny clip kiss orthodox sexy homo yunanistan turkey Greece Hellas Greek Hellenic Military Army Commandos Commando Special Forces SOG SOCOM M16 M16Α2 M16Α3 M4A1 M4 Carbine M203 GL Grenade Launcher Iraq War Turkey Afghanistan War topgun F-14 F-14A F-14B F-14D Tomcat GIGN SEK SWAT LAPD Turkey turkish SAT SAS Bodro Berelli Kurds Kurdish PKK Freedom Iraqi
Soldier Sailor Pilot Boeing Airbus 787 A380 747 Super Jumbo US Army US Air Force US Navy US Marines US Marine Corps USN USMC USAF FN-FAL Parachutist Parachute LZ Spec ops Elite Elites Imia ΙΜΙΑ island islands islets EOTECH sight SOCOM M14 M21 S niper rifle assault Carbine US Navy USMC US Marines US Army Iraq War M60 Machinegun MG M16 M16A2 M16A3 M4 M4A1 M203 GL Grenade Launcher MARPAT Camo Camouflage LOK ΛΟΚ Paratrooper topgun combat aircraft Mirage fighter jet F-22 787 Airbus A380 airplane pilot sky Sukhoi Su Mig war S petsnaz Ranger Delta Force CIA USAF SOAR SOCOM

USSOCOM Iraq War Baghdad Para war kick ass Hellas Greece G reek Hellenic Navy Military Armed Forces Aegean Kortenaer S-Class MEKO Frigate Fleet Gunboat Zubr Hovercraft LCAC Exocet Kornet Humvee Greece Hellas Hellenic Greek Army Greek Navy Greek Air Force Stratos GEEF F-16 F-16C M1A1 M1A2 Abraams Leopard 2A6 Leopard 2A5 Leopard 2A6EX Leopard 2A6HEL Leopard 1 Leopard 1A5 Tank MBT
tanker Panzer Pzh2000 Pzh-2000 Pzh 2000 Paladin Iraq War Turkey Afghanistan War Freedom Iraqi Soldier Sailor Pilot Boeing Airbus 787 A380 747 Super Jumbo US Army US Air Force US Navy US Marines US Marine Corps USN USMC USAF Hummer MILAN M113 M113A2 ATGM APC topgun combat aircraft Mirage fighter jet F-22 787 Airbus A380 airplane pilot sky Sukhoi Su Mig war SEALS USN USAF SOAR Blackhawk UH-60 S-70 US Marines US Navy SH-60 S-70B S-70B6 SeaHawk Sea Hawk A egean Royal Marine
Commando SAS SBS Hawk LCAC CVN Iraq war kick ass navy seal special forces SF SEAL SEALS team tactics machine gun military PLA China Taiwan War OFP FPTV Katherine Wheeler China Taiwan War Foreign Policy United Nations Asia Nuclear China Taiwan military Video China Taiwan violance flags chinses army war game 1996 taiwan Taiwan
China Sovereignty US president republic Toronto Ontario Canada teenager student highschool China India Terrorism Freedom go for taiwan rage sage stop motion china japan godzilla china taiwan

Tuesday 6 November 2007

every coin has 2 sides

coneptual abstrakt satistiks

these 2 photos are just thoughts for the moment

this map and the previous one are represent a possible application of a second map that expands the gamespace in the part below the terrain while at the same time would like to stand as a more ''rhizomatic '' possibility of the mapping of the game space.
For the moment its components are designed as a simple sequence of video frames folded in two and combined randomly between them.
By video frames we mean some frames of the video selected by the users and used to create the mapping of the territory. ( Its just a thought ok?)

more map tests

the same map but with the option of covering possibilities according to the rating given to each video.
Except the 6 categories video will get also variables of size (map covering)

mapping progress and tests

This is a very rough test of the map.
Just to give an impression.
Certainly there are gonna be much better representations. But still, this is open to comments.

Friday 2 November 2007

ideas for designing an environment

design by peter saville