Monday, 29 October 2007

A.F 6

Immaterial labor and web 2

A snake’s coils are even more intricate than a mole’s burrow. (Deleuze, 1995)

What the citation to G. Deleuze’s snake coils stand for, is that a situation like this one that the project deals with, couldn’t be clear if all possible layers -of the same matter- do not find their place to appear.

It should be clear that an online project should consider the parameters and the tools that reflect and form the ways in use at this moment in the info sphere, to re-enact and prolong the profit based on such adversities.

Nowadays, what the web2 addresses is the ‘free’ labour’’ that subjects engage in, on a

cultural and bio political level when they participate on sites as YouTube, Myspace or the metaverses like Second Life. In addition to the corporate mining and selling of user generated content, this would include the tastes, preferences, and general cultural content constructed therein. However, the orientation that such spaces offer to the users neglect the possibility of creation of the critical mind so essential in order to be engaged and deal with such matters as border perception and definitions, intercultural activities and interrelations and above all the construction of this cognitive map that could help all those involved, to understand the nature of the problem that consists to have the ‘’other’’ as neighbour. Regarding the development of the project the phenomenon of immaterial labour into the frame context of web 2, explicitly situates this subjective turn within the active and ongoing construction of virtual subjectivities across social networks. And that by focusing on the matters and simultaneously offering the necessary tools that give the possibility not just of

participation but of comparison and exploration of the alternative possible forms of coexistence inside a game space.


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