Monday 27 October 2008

Global conflicts _ Latin America

You arrive in Mexico at the US border with a bag full of journalistic ambitions. Latin America is one of the most turbulent, violent and poverty-stricken places on the planet.
Yet it is only when Western interests in the region are threatened that we hear anything about the nations that struggle with paramilitary rule, extreme poverty and exploitation of the population.In a region where politicians and police are feared rather than respected, people try desperately to grab a piece of the land and call it their own. All too often, however, it ends badly. Can you make a difference by writing investigative stories?

The game is an immersive fully 3D role-playing simulation, which gives the player a chance to explore different issues in Latin America. The game is split into five missions that allow you to choose the most relevant topics. Furthermore, this allows you to run a course in less than 2 hours. The game is developed based on true stories and sources in close collaboration with teachers, students and experts.

From Serious Games Interactive

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