Thursday 16 April 2009

Immigrant song

¦‘¦Γ¦Α¦Π¦Η¦Σ¦Ο? ¦Υ?¦Λ¦Ο¦Ι 
¦₯?¦Μ¦Α¦�¦Σ¦Ε ¦Η ¦₯¦Ι¦Δ¦Ι¦Κ? ¦΅¦Ι¦Λ?¦Α? International Trading Company. ¦°¦Ρ?¦Π¦Ε¦Ι ¦Κ¦Τ¦Ρ?¦Ψ? ¦Π?¦Λ¦Η¦�¦Η ¦Η¦Λ¦Ε¦Κ¦Σ¦Ρ¦Ι¦Κ?¦Ν product.such ¦Χ¦Η¦Υ¦Ι¦Α¦Κ?? ¦Υ¦Ψ¦Σ¦Ο¦Γ¦Ρ¦Α¦Υ¦Ι¦Κ?? ¦Μ¦Η¦Φ¦Α¦Ν??, ¦Κ¦Ι¦Ν¦Η¦Σ? ¦Σ¦Η¦Λ?¦Υ¦Ψ¦Ν¦Α, LCD TV, ¦Σ¦Ο Xbox, ¦Υ¦Ο¦Ρ¦Η¦Σ¦Ο?? ¦Τ¦Π¦Ο¦Λ¦Ο¦Γ¦Ι¦�¦Σ??, DV, ?¦Π¦Ψ? ¦Η MP4, Global Positioning System, ?¦�¦Σ¦Ε on.all ?¦Ρ¦Γ¦Α ¦Κ¦Α¦Ι 12 ¦Μ?¦Ν¦Ε? ¦Δ¦Ι¦Ε¦Θ¦Ν?? ¦Ε¦Γ¦Γ?¦Η¦�¦Η. ¦‘¦Ν ¦Θ?¦Λ¦Ε¦Σ¦Ε ¦Ν¦Α ¦Α¦Γ¦Ο¦Ρ?¦�¦Ε¦Σ¦Ε ¦Π¦Ρ?¦Γ¦Μ¦Α¦Σ¦Α, ¦Π¦Α¦Ρ¦Α¦Κ¦Α¦Λ¦Ο?¦Μ¦Ε ¦Ε¦Π¦Ι¦Κ¦Ο¦Ι¦Ν¦Ψ¦Ν?¦�¦Σ¦Ε ¦Μ¦Α¦Ζ? ¦Μ¦Α? ¦Ε¦Λ¦Ε?¦Θ¦Ε¦Ρ¦Α, ¦Η ¦Ε¦Σ¦Α¦Ι¦Ρ?¦Α ¦Μ¦Α? ¦Θ¦Α ?¦Θ¦Ε¦Λ¦Ε ¦Ν¦Α ¦Π¦Ρ¦Ο¦�¦Υ?¦Ρ¦Ε¦Ι ¦Π¦Ε¦Ρ¦Ι¦�¦�?¦Σ¦Ε¦Ρ¦Ε? ¦Ε¦Κ¦Π¦Σ?¦�¦Ε¦Ι? ¦Κ¦Α¦Ι ¦Σ¦Ι? ¦Κ¦Α¦Λ?¦Σ¦Ε¦Ρ¦Ε? ¦Τ¦Π¦Η¦Ρ¦Ε¦�?¦Ε? ¦Γ¦Ι¦Α ¦Ε¦Π¦Ι¦Φ¦Ε¦Ι¦Ρ¦Η¦Μ¦Α¦Σ¦Ι¦Κ? ¦�¦Τ¦Ν¦Ε¦Ρ¦Γ¦Α¦�?¦Α ¦Μ¦Α¦Ζ? ¦�¦Α? / company.any ?¦Λ¦Λ¦Ε? ¦Α¦Ν¦Η¦�¦Τ¦Φ?¦Ε? ¦�¦Α?, ¦�¦Α? ¦�¦Τ¦Ν¦Ι¦�¦Σ¦Ο?¦Μ¦Ε ¦Ν¦Α VISITE ¦Ι¦�¦Σ¦Ο¦�¦Ε¦Λ?¦Δ¦Α ¦Μ¦Α?: ¦°¦Α¦Ρ¦Α¦Κ¦Α¦Λ? ¦Ε¦Π¦Ι¦Κ¦Ο¦Ι¦Ν¦Ψ¦Ν?¦�¦Σ¦Ε ¦Μ¦Α¦Ζ? ¦Μ¦Α ?: 

Sometimes, a commercial spam that tries to cross the spam filter borders,  may reflect the sound of a nomad that tries to overpass borders too.

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