Monday, 29 October 2007

A.F 1

…Media and propaganda refer to a variety of different ambiguous roles and in most of the cases this is related with the contradicted interests of national or global capitalistic corporations. As there is often, as I said before, a direct relation between corporation war videogames and TV productions and broadcasts, like for example the American series ‘’24 hours chrono’’ (which was used as a basis by the philosopher Slavos Zizek to describe his formula of the urgent ethics) the same relationships regarding nationalistic or liberal propaganda can also be seen between TV , press, and user’s contribution in spaces as Youtube or Myspace. The Greek journalist Takis Michas in an article writes that: It is a fact that most of the mass media today, of a governmental status or not, do not perceive their role as those that would provide objective information but rather as those that cultivate nationalistic fanaticism. A classic example is the phrase “Turkish aircrafts violated the Greek FIR. This headline does not really exist. The precise wording would be “The Ministry of National Defence claims that the Turkish aircrafts… The reality is the claim, not the flight, which is of course something completely different..


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