Friday, 18 December 2009

Immediate Industrial Action on Psychoelectronic Communication

I think that the following announcement is interesting and I REblog it.

In solidarity with the Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union
Industrial Action in Queensland Australia over the next 3 days

We hereby announce an Immediate Industrial Action on Psychoelectronic

From now until the 3rd conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune this year, on
the Winter Solstice

No psychic and electronic communication is to be undetaken for the
purposes of work: This should include all Electronic mail, text messaging,
webmail, internet communication VOIP or telephony etc. Also to include any
psychic communication with persons or beings dead, undead, alive or as yet

Communications are to be directed against the bosses and rulers. IN
particular we have been alerted to the case of the Fine Theoretical
Physics Institute in Minnesota, US - in order to put pressure upon the
management and bosses, to reinstate Fellow Worker Michele Rockne - and
provide her with the full means of the institution to realise her work. It
is completely unacceptable that capitalization continues on the
destruction of the workers

A Fine Theoretical Psychic Institute to manifest during the conjunction
will create coherence whereby all the workers of that university -
DAtaMiners and Travailleure Psychique etc - will become empowered enough
to support their colleague and create a future that is fair and just for
all workers wherever whenever and whyever they are.

The following workers are already taking part:

# Mark Aster
# Haroon Ladanyi
# Alan C. Martin
# Bronwen 'Little Eris' Davies
# Karen Elliot
# Jozovic Nikola
# Roger Barrett
# Zsolt Sőrés
# Llinos Probert
# Compass Wales
# Rebecca Buhler
# Ale Turc
# Rula Jones
# Haley Duke (Arkansas)
# Jeremy McMahon (VCU)
# Richard Webb
# Roger Day
# Max Mayonnaise
# Montgomery Giolitti
# Francis Farmer
# Peter Davies
# Marijan Zivanovic
# Luis Navarro
# Franck Ancel
# Ismaël Nopasaran
# Gustavo Alvarez
# Sha Najak
# Simon Davies
# Asim Butt
# Karen Karnak

Transient DAMTP Supreme Council of One (DAMTP, Cambridge)
The DAta MIners & Travailleurs Psychique has emerged from workers of the
IWW involved in the Alytus Art Strike this year. For more information see:


Blogger Saidοsed said...

in the name of metaphysics, phenomenology, existentialism, structuralism, post-structuralism, situationism, feminism, materialism, nomadism, marxism, speculative materialism and all the metas, I wish you time as you have never perceived it before!

merry, merry, merry religion.... :)


24 December 2009 at 15:35  
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