Monday, 29 October 2007

A.F 3

…The consequences of these tactics can be observed in a Youtube search. A number of videos made by users that are producers / reproducers, consumers (prosumers) reproduce the national stereotypes and the war tactics composing a net video-war. The content of these videos is not limited only within the nationalistic war dithyrambs by the opposing sides, but goes further by tackling issues of immigration, identity, sexism, religion, and history including every kind of myth or historicity that has been produced not only in countries as for example Greece and Turkey but also in western European countries or in China and Taiwan and so on. By this, one can observe the paradox of reproduction of the stereotypes within web 2.0, by a social group that theoretically at least, as a knower of the possibilities of contemporary technology (and information respectively), should form a totally different opinion…


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