Thursday, 30 October 2008

Economy recession and web 2.0

Will the economy recession influence free economy, open source projects and in a further extent the ''affective labor'' that maintains the structures of the web 2.0 social media ? A form of labor that gets not immediate pay back ( if it gets any at all). For some people, the economic crisis will ultimately eliminate open source projects and the 'Web 2.0 free economy. The economic downturn and job loss will eliminate projects as Wikipedia and much of the blogoshere. Users instead of offering their services for free, will shift their attitude toward an economic value of their labor.''The hungry and cold unemployed masses aren't going to continue giving away their intellectual labor on the Internet in the speculative hope that they might get some "back end" revenue'
says Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur book.

Others are claiming that it will occur just the opposite. Already many companies are looking to lower their
expenses by going open source. After all, did the dot-com crash killed Linux, stifled production of php sites or did make people stop sending non-commercial e-mails?
True is that some people do things like programming for fun. Contributing to OSS is not about "back-end revenue" for most people, it's about contributing to a community, about pride, and about intellectual challenges. Some people do things not for the money.
On the other hand, it's difficult to "do things" like update OpenOffice, if your electric company just pulled the plug, or you lose your house to the bank.
At the end,if unemployment goes up, that just means there's a lot more developers out there with free time, and motivation to put something new on their resumes.

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