Sunday, 25 January 2009

Global Conflicts _ Palestine

You have just arrived in Jerusalem armed with a pen, a notepad, and your sharp wits to get you through the challenges ahead. The conflict is one of the most complex and talked about in the world. In a region where nobody agrees on anything, and terror is an everyday occurrence, you have to navigate as a journalist. Will you be able to get a solid story?

“Global Conflicts: Palestine” is a project developed by Serious Games Interactive merging the characteristics of entertainment with the possibilities for education. In it, the player is a journalist that has just arrived to Palestine and he/ she can choose between different missions like following an Israeli military patrol. As the player progresses through the mission he /she gathers the necessary information for writing an article. Information is gained by talking to e.g. a Palestinian imam, an Israeli soldier, a Palestinian mother of a martyr, and an Israeli teenager. The player can challenge the approach of people you meet by choosing critical answers in the process gaining important information in order to score points. He / she engages with real personal stories seeing the conflicts from different perspectives and experience why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict just won't go away. 

Pragmatic answers need to be chosen to build up trust, people on both sides share more information with the player. By talking to both sides of the conflict, different views on the conflict are given to the player. So, during missions players are challenged on their neutrality as journalists and it will be hard to maintain strong ties with both sides. 

Global Conflicts: Palestine Creators: Serious Games Interactive, Denmark. Type: Stand alone offline application.

Demo version free to download on the site.

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