Thursday, 18 December 2008

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Greek state protects European traditions. Police defends the second Xmass tree 

Greece is a marginal country at the borders of the E.U mall, showing clearly its  deficiency to follow the current capitalist transformations, but at the same time reflects the very same symptoms that haunt the European sphere as well. For one more time, a confused situation is arised in both Greece and Europe regarding the all time classic ''classification'', that situates the Balkans as a non European territory.  And this time, it seems that Greece although had embedded at the national curiculum vitae the ''high succes'' of the 2004 Olympic Games, finds itself retrograding back to the Balkans, as it seems at the end of the story.The  analysis of Stathis Kouvelakis  at the contretemps online, deals with this subject and practically is the best i found so far.

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Anonymous Michal Gostkiewicz said...

I am a journalist from Poland (the Axel Springer daily newspaper "Dziennik", and I'm currently working on an article about the riots, their causes and effects, their impact on Greek society etc. I came across your blog ( I have few questions - requests, as a matter of fact.
From Your blog I learned that You are there, in Athens, where it all happens.
I need to make contact with not-Greek people who took part in the riots/demonstrations/protests etc. I need to know why foreigners came to Greece to assist/help/take part in the protests there, how did they organise themselves (if they did) and what were/are their purposes.
If by any chance You know such people and could help me make contact with them, I'd be really grateful.

all the best from Poland

Michael Gostkiewicz
Dziennik: Poland, Europe, World

21 December 2008 at 13:36  
Anonymous ilias said...

Are there any Polish anarchists that are joining the Griots?

22 December 2008 at 02:18  

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