Thursday 5 May 2011

Networked revolts

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Benaki Museum
138 Pireos street

The continuing uprisings spreading across North Africa and the Middle East have been inherently associated with the increasing entanglement of social media, or digital networks in general, with everyday life. The multiple uses of technologies –cell phones, Facebook, twitter, the Internet– by local participants and by global supporters and observers and the counter-measures of blocking access and shutting down communication channels by the toppled or still surviving governments have gained global attention.

The aim of the event is to address questions on the forms, the organisational structures of the revolts and new political possibilities that they have opened up.


- Lina Ben Mhenni Tunisia Awarded the Best Blog by Deutsche Welle

- Tarek Amr Egypt!/gr33ndata

-M.Malek Khadhraoui Tunisia

- Akis Gavriilidis Greece

Live streaming of the event at the web site of Konteiner magazine.

Konteiner magazine
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