Tuesday, 9 December 2008

GRIOTS _day 2

Monday 8 December

The griots continue today all over Greece especially in Athens , the city of Larisa and Thessaloniki.
The situation is completely out of control as after all it was anticipated. What we face in Greece, it is not a simple reaction to the murdering of the young student Alexis Grigoropoulos, but something that we could describe as a general exegersis, somehow simular to what happened in Los Angeles in 96 or in Brixton in the 80's.
For many years, a sterotype regarding the anarchist cycle was used to cover the feelings and the reactions of the Greek people , towards the forms of oppressions used by both socialists and right wing goverments in order to exercise power. In the past years the official government estimations and the main stream media were giving a number of few hundred people that they were supposed to be the ones responsible for the several riots that were taking place.
But what me and everyone else could easily see at the streets of Athens tonight are scenes of thousand of desperate people of all ages that they were expressing their anger and their desperation against a govermentality that produces nothing else but a permanent scandal. Poverty, precarity, nepotism and police repression that lasts for years, wreak out 
after the killing of the adolescent. This riot, this exegersis is a spontaneous expression of the Greek society. It takes its course in the streets, where people break store windows, set up fires everywhere especially to the ATM's and the banks and they're looting the shops. These banks that hold in hostage the two thirds of the Greek population, by giving easy take loans so to promote consumerism in a society in which no healthy economic production can be guaranteed.

Of course, it should be noticed that there is an absence of any kind of political discourse or demand at this moment regarding the groups of people  (or should I describe them with the greek word ochlos). Same goes for the government that proves itself -for one more time- incapable of holding the situation, as well as for the political parties that react by   ''fits and starts '' toward the events.
As it concerns the greek blogshpere and the alternative movements, the situation is limited in efforts to keep in contact between each other, and infrequently  some try to organise a peaceful manifestation in the center of Athens
for the moment in vein. At 10.00pm, Monday night, Athens is by no any means of exaggeration in state of war.
Tomorrow is the funeral of the student.....

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